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Cindy Van Wyk

I am 21 years old and was born and raised in Eastridge, Mitchells Plain. I am the youngest of four children. I enjoy participating in activities which will allow me to grow in areas of professionalism, personally and socially. Therefore in my spare time I attend leadership workshops and volunteer at certain events to gain more skills and knowledge and to increase my network. I love dancing, photography and participating in activities which will enhance my marketing abilities.

 I attended Spine Road High School and matriculated in 2012. I am currently studying at the Tertiary School in Business Administration (TSiBA). In 2013 I completed my certificate in Business Administration, and am now busy completing my Degree in Business Administration at this institution, and am a third-year student.

I have always had a passion for business. When I found out about TSiBA and what they offered it stirred a deeper willingness in me to excel in this area of study. I am majoring in Entrepreneurship and Leadership, which will allow me to gain the much needed knowledge and skills to go back to my community and help entrepreneurs become more established, and provide them with skills that will enable their businesses to be sustainable. I also chose this field of study as I am an individual who enjoys helping those in need. If I established my own business I would have the opportunity to give back by offering employment and training people to equip themselves with skills that will make them attractive to the employment market.

After I have graduated I would like to pursue a career in marketing or start up my own marketing company. I have established this desire as I am already performing marketing duties voluntarily for organisations and am currently the marketing manager for my student company.

 I always knew I wanted to further my studies; however, the finance was not always available. The MPBRMT has relieved me of most of the financial strain and has also provided me with a platform to meet influential businessmen and women who have taught me many things, and has provided me with opportunities that positively impacted me.

Receiving this aid made me realise that people see potential in me and support my dreams and aspirations. This has always been a comforting feeling and a reason to excel in both academics and community projects, as this is the only way I am able to pay it forward to those who have supported me from the MPBRMT.

 As a youth from a discouraging community this bursary has changed many of my perceptions and opened my eyes to new opportunities. I want to spread this good news and let other scholars know that there are resources available and that one’s hard work never goes unnoticed. I am truly grateful to the MPBRMT; I will continue being a rolemodel to the children in my community and show them that we have great potential to achieve above and beyond what we set our minds to.

I am currently a mentor to a high school learner from Cedar High. I spend my free time assisting my mentee academically, provide her with guidance and am a rolemodel to her. Moreover I am running a society on my campus called Students Assisting Children’s Homes, which is aimed at empowering and assisting children in disadvantaged circumstances. I wish to extend this in future and avail myself to do motivational speeches at schools in the Mitchells Plain area.

In essence, I am a youth from Mitchells Plain, an area which has a negative stigma attached to it. As a MPBRMT recipient I take it upon myself to excel in everything I do and to educate people about the hard work and potential that comes from this area. I am truly appreciative for the support I have received from this fund, both financially and from individuals who were willing to go the extra mile and make opportunities available for me – even allowing me to take a flight to Johnnesburg and to start a project to empower future entrepreneurs in Mitchells Plain. The MPBRMT has impacted on me in more ways than I can mention.

 Since I have started studying at TSiBA I have participated in numerous leadership workshops, started three student companies and am currently successfully running an events company alongside four other students from this institution. At TSiBA we are encouraged to pay it forward, which is why I am part of various community projects and always availing myself for good causes.

 I know I have a lot of potential to make a difference and to be successful. While on this journey I always remind myself that “Mitchells Plain does not define me, it’s where I’m from not who I am.” Therefore, the sky is the limit for me.